Super Quick Brush Lettering Pen Review

I get asked often about what pens I use. There's one I mainly stick with but I love to try different options every so often. When it comes to choosing pens, I believe it comes down to trying a variety and seeing which ones work best for your style and taste. Here is my super quick review for the following three pens (one of which is what I use for just about every Instagram post.) I also linked each pen to the online store I found the best price at. 

Stay POSITIVE - This is a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen in black. I love how tiny the brush tip is. It's great for making small and thin letters. Overall I love this pen for the strokes it creates although my only complaint is that it seems to run out of steam quickly. The ink only stays vibrant for a few uses and then starts to have a faded look - which isn't always a bad thing! I like the natural texture you get with this brush. I found it on Amazon 2 for $3.99 which is a great value!

believe - This is a Tombow Duel Brush Pen. It has a long flexible tip which allows for bold letters. This is a fun pen to play with and comes in many colors. The black ink is very vibrant! The opposite tip from the brush is a skinny round pen that's great for small details or touching up the brush lettering. I found this pen at Utrecht Art Supplies for $2.36. 

KEEP going - This Faber Castell PITT artist pen in black is my all time favorite. Pretty much all my recent IG posts are done in this pen. I love how it can draw really thin upstrokes as well as thick downstrokes. It's a semi firm brush tip that doesn't lose shape easily. Because of the firmness, it helps all my strokes and letters to be consistent. The ink last a long time and is a nice rich black. And at $1.99 a piece, you just can't go wrong. 

This pen comes in a variety of tips. This particular one is the brush pen. You can find this pen at art stores ranging from $3-$5 or online at Utrecht Art Supplies for $1.99

I hope this was helpful! I would love to hear your favorites in the comments below!

❤️ Kristen Stansell