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Interview with Rochelle | The Adventure Glamour Portrait Photographer

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet Rochelle through my church and I am thankful to call her friend. She has a beautiful passion for life that's contagious. I don't think I have ever spent time with Rochelle and not learned something new. Recently, I had the opportunity to a part of a photo shoot and get first hand experience on how Rochelle "does her thing" as a photographer. The idea of me getting photos taken of just me was nerve wrecking but quickly my nerves settled as Rochelle took the reigns of the photo-shoot. Along with her, she had a crew that made the whole experience fun. Shayna came along to video and Taylor worked her magic on my hair and makeup. And I have to say, I am very pleased with the outcome! 


Kristen: I love how you define yourself as an adventure glamour portrait photographer. Can you tell me a little more about what that means and how you landed on that description for yourself?
Rochelle: I've always been very drawn to editorial photography, and for a while was even pursuing a career as an editorial photographer. One thing I missed terribly though was the personal connection with whom I had modeling for me. I want my photos to mean something to the person they are of and not just get thrown away every month like a magazine does. With that realization, I started practicing taking magazine style photos of ladies who are not professional models. That was a bit too much of a mouthful though, so I started trying to define what I do in a simple phrase and after going through hundreds of words that weren't quite the right fit I settled on "adventure glamour portrait photographer". Adventure sums up so many things in a photo session, first of all the earth is gorgeous, and I love having it incorporated into every single photo session. Second, the photo session itself is an adventure! It is posing in odd places, getting all dolled up, baring your soul to the camera and remembering to love yourself. Glamour, as you might have guessed comes from the styled aspect of the sessions. I'm 100% convinced that as girls, we all still love to play dress up! And of course portrait photographer describes that I'm taking photographs of people!

Kristen: What would you say is your absolute greatest passion behind what you do as a photographer?
Rochelle:I love showing people how beautiful they truly are. I want every single woman to see her portrait and to see past the little things that we so often get caught up in and be able to see and recognize how gorgeous she really is.

Kristen: Have you ever faced something that really scared you but you chose to take a deep breath and do it scared? Can you let me in on what happened?
Rochelle: Ironically enough, when I started photography I was terrified of taking photos of people. I found it hard to capture emotions and any sort of a connection, so for the longest time I avoided portraiture of any sort. Then, for a final assignment in one photo class, I faced that fear head on and did my entire assignment on portraits showcasing emotion. Looking back those photographs are nothing special, but they ended up being one huge aspect on getting me to where I am today with my photography.

Kristen: Do you have any words of advice for someone who is just starting out as a photographer?
Rochelle: Never stop learning. And work at finding exactly what gets you excited to shoot. Just because "everybody" loves to shoot something doesn't mean it is something you have to enjoy.

Kristen: I think you have excellent taste in color choices. What color and color combinations are you loving right now?
Rochelle: You're sweet! Cranberry is still around, and I just love the way it plays with so many different colors. Cranberry and blush is a combination I've seen a few places and have really been loving lately, and need to incorporate into a photo session soon!

6. Cats or Dogs?
Cats, I have two silly cats, Neville and Luna, who amuse me all the time, make the best little lap-warmers and steal my office chair on a regular basis. I spam my instagram with them both regularly.
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Here are the Photos from the shoot with Rochelle. Along with, Shayna (video) and Taylor (hair+makeup)

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