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There are just some things in life that are great on their own but become even greater when paired with something else. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm always reaching for the peanut butter jar! It's something that I think is perfectly amazing on it's own. But something magical happens when peanut butter is paired with jelly, especially homemade peach jelly. It's the coming together of salty and sweet that leaves an old fashioned PB & J absolutely irresistible. On their own, peanut butter and jelly are both good but throw them together, add some bread and you now have one of America's favorite meals. 

On the flip side there many things that are perfectly fine or great on their own but when paired with the wrong thing all of a sudden it becomes a problem. Take baseball for example. It's a very well loved sport. What about a good rainstorm? Who doesn't love hearing the sound of rain especially when curled up ready to go to bed!? But if you were to mix a baseball with a rain storm what happens? The game stops, until the rain stops. This pair just doesn't go together. 

I've also decided lately that cold mornings and work outs just don't really go together. Especially if there is a lingering smell of pumpkin spice from the night before. Everything in me wants to just curl up in bed under cozy blankets until the sun comes up. The only problem is that we are just now approaching the Fall and I already feel this way! There is another good four months of cold mornings to come and I know that if I skipped workouts for a quarter of the year I would regret it. So, what I have resolved to do is to brave the cold instead of embracing the comfort of bundling back up in bed. In the beginning this is going to be everything but fun and comfortable. But after a few days or weeks I'll do it without much thought just like I have ever other year in the Fall. 

Our to-do lists, goals, aspirations, dreams, and hopes unfortunately are not getting closer to us unless we are taking steps towards them. We have to actively choose to get a little uncomfortable in order to achieve greatness. It's when we have the courage to leave our comfort zones behind that we will see progress. It's never easy at first but give it a few days, weeks, or months and it will get easier. 

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    I LOVE your site, you are truly talented! :)

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