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Printable Download Instructions

You decide you want to add some artwork to your home or office so you purchase and download... but now what? How do you turn your download into a beautifully framed piece of artwork? Here are a couple quick tips and tricks to make the most of your downloaded art work!  First, decide if you want to print at home or at a local printer. If you like the quality of printing that your printer at home produces then printing at home can save time and money! If you are printing at home, follow these steps. If you are printing at a local printer keep scrolling down.   1) Load your printer with an 8.5x11 inch white cardstock. (Why cardstock?...

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Why I love Download Printable Art

I love home decor. I always have and probably always will. As a kid, I would ask my mom to help me change out my room decor almost annually. We would do inexpensive projects like find / make new decor pillows for the bed. Sometimes we would pain the room a new color. Other times I would just rearrange my room so much that everything looked new! Guess what, I still do the same thing. But because my husband and I are renting right now I don't paint. Needless to say there is a lot of rearranging going on constantly. I like change and I like to spruce things up! But agin, we are renting right now. So I am very...

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