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You decide you want to add some artwork to your home or office so you purchase and download... but now what? How do you turn your download into a beautifully framed piece of artwork?

Here are a couple quick tips and tricks to make the most of your downloaded art work! 

First, decide if you want to print at home or at a local printer. If you like the quality of printing that your printer at home produces then printing at home can save time and money!

If you are printing at home, follow these steps. If you are printing at a local printer keep scrolling down.


1) Load your printer with an 8.5x11 inch white cardstock. (Why cardstock? It gives the appearance of higher quality) 

2) Open your newly downloaded file. I use a Mac so my images open in "Preview". 

3) Select "File" from the menu and then "Print"

4) Once in the Print Dialog box make sure to pick the "Print Entire Image" option. You do not want to pick the "Fill Entire Page" option because that will cause the artwork to stretch larger than it should be. 


5) Now print.

6) Take a ruler and pencil and draw lines to connect the black crop lines. 

7) Cut along the lines you drew

8) And, now you have frame ready 8x10 art! Use a frame that's around your house or buy a new one! Hobby Lobby always has great options. And... if it's not already discounted, they have 40% off coupon available. 



OR, let the professionals do it...

But if you are like me and prefer to let the professionals do the printing then by all means go that route. No matter how many times I calibrate my printer it just doesn't do the artwork justice! (All my prints that are for purchase are printed at one of 2 high quality printers in Southern California). Most local printers have the option to let you upload your file directly to their site and then you can pick it up in store but it usually take a day or two. So, what I do, is save the file to a USB and walk it strait into the printers. Usually they will print on the spot with little waiting involved. 

Once your artwork is home, just follow steps 6, 7, 8 and bam, you've got yourself new inexpensive artwork! 

Still have questions? Please email me at I would love to help!


Kristen Stansell


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